At Kukkiwon Taekwondo, we only teach taekwondo. Not judo. Not karate. Not ninjitsu. Just taekwondo. There is such a rich, detailed amount of content to learning and mastering taekwondo, that there simply isn’t room for any other style. Whether you are ready to start your taekwondo path or you wish to continue and advance upon what you’ve previously learned, Kukkiwon Taekwondo has a program that is suitable for you.

Plus, we offer free trial lesson and no contract commitments. Continue with private lessons, join the group, learn at your own speed.

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FREE VIP pass that includes a private lesson, no obligations and NO CONTRACTS.

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This is where our school sets itself apart from the others. We don’t simply throw students into a class, hoping they will catch on. We begin with free private lesson. After a private lesson, students can continue with private lessons until they are ready for our group lessons. All private lessons are part of the tuition and there is never an additional charge for private lessons.

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AGES 8-12

Hardcore learning continues at this age level.  Students at this age are starting to get comfortable with Taekwond and it's only matter of time until they become a great black belt.  We have something for everyone, students can enter in tournaments or try-out for our high flying demo team.

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AGES 4-6

At Kukkiwon Taekwondo Academy, kids learn respect and discipline as soon as they step into our program. We call it hardcore learning. We're just as rigorous on our kids as we are on adults. Our children’s program will prepare them not only for further taekwondo instruction, but will also ready them for many of life’s daily challenges.

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AGES 13+

At Kukkiwon Taekwondo, no two classes are exactly alike.  We aim to make training fun and exciting. It should be challenging, but not overwhelming. As long as you stay challenged, you will continue to grow.

Taekwondo is a journey, not a destination. As train for your next belt, you will be presented with a new set of skills to learn. The process continues, offering a lifetime of learning - continuing through color belts, degrees of Black Belts, Master Degrees and beyond. 

At KTA we don't just learn, we train. Whether you are training for the Olympics or simply to stay fit, we can help you attain your goals.

Taekwondo is truly for everyone. Our students come from all over and all study Taekwondo for different reasons. But in the end we all have a common goal: to train the soul, body and the mind